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Dockspot April 14, 2014Visit wonderful Copenhagen this summer

Copenhagen is one of those cities you want to come back to over and over again. Had you recently visited this Nordic design Mecca you might have recognised the Danish people’s flair for how to enjoy life. Not only am I talking about doing a lot of fun activities but also about how good they are at just relaxing and enjoying life. Even at their lunch breaks! … Read more

dockspot February 9, 2014Helsinki Marina Join

  We are pleased to announce that Helsinki Marina now has joined the booking service and offer you the opportunity to plan and book your stay in the beautiful capital of Finland. Now that Helsinki Marina has become bookable means you have a string of good harbors from Helsinki to Stockholm. Porkala , Nagu and ÅSS Mariehamn are as you may know already members of the booking service.… Read more

Dockspot January 8, 2014The booking is open

We are delighted to announce that the online booking is open. There are still a few swedish marinas that have not yet opened. They need to confirm a couple of racing events before they open. We are also awaiting information from our German marinas, which we hope to open very soon.

dockspot January 6, 2014The booking service will open shortly!

Book your favourite marinaWe have just left 2013 behind us and we hope you had a really good Christmas and New Year celebrations. It’s early stages but let us keep our fingers crossed that we get as good a summer -14 as we had in -13. For those of you who need to plan and book your holiday, the online booking will open shortly. We announce the opening of the booking service through our newsletter (which you can sign up for in your profile), facebook, twitter and here on the website, … Read more

Dockspot December 13, 2013Branäs gives Dockspot’s members a unique offer

In Branäs you can enjoy 25 different slopes from lovely family slopes to the steeper slopes. Whether you want to stay in a cosy cottage or a modern apartment there is a large selection of accommodations at skiing distance from the slopes. The kids are priority and all under 8 years old with a helmet get free ski passes. All children activities are included in the lift pass. It is easy to understand why ‘Branäsleden’ once again has been named the best ski resort for families!… Read more