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Dockspot December 16, 2014Merry Christmas & Happy new year

Santa Claus is coming… Yes! Believe it or not, Christmas is here, but with such an incredible summer season we had its hard not to yearn for the next season to start. The Christmas and New Year holidays are perfect for dreaming and planning for next summer. There are already a number of marinas that are open for booking 2015. In January, the majority of the remaining marinas also open up their bookable berths for you. We wish you a Merry Christmas & a happy new year

Dockspot September 25, 2014Fish soup with creamy risotto

Foto: Stefan Edetoft

Even though some days are still warm and sunny the daylight is leaving earlier and the colder weather is creeping upon us. The time of the year when we light candles and snuggle up in our sofas is already a reality. What a summer we had (at least in Sweden)! Day after day, and week after week the sun shone continuously. The boating people definitely draw the longest straw this year. Waking up in the morning, pull the curtain and being greeted by a sun glittering sea – every day – was such a fortune!… Read more

Dockspot September 12, 2014Winter “spot” in Grebbestad marina – only 499 SEK

Winter “spot” in Grebbestad marina - only 499 SEK* for the period 1 October -14 to 1 April-15. Affordably place the boat in the marina and experience Grebbestads offering throughout the year. Accommodation is available at the Restaurant Grebys on the middle of the pier and the entertainment metropolis Tanumstrand is only a stone’s throw away.  … Read more

dockspot May 13, 2014Helsingborg offers cheaper harbour fee online!

The Harbourmaster at Norra Hamnen, Anders Jansson offers cheaper harbour fee if you book via
The Swedish West Coast offers beautiful nature and are you sailing from south to north along the coast you should not miss the charming city of Helsingborg. At summer its full of life, culture, nice restaurants and cafés with outdoor seating. The shopping street is layered with interior design and clothes boutiques and you can drink your morning coffee… Read more

Dockspot April 16, 2014Easter offer from Marinepool

Exclusively for all Dockspot’s members during Easter holiday. Dockspot together with Marinepool offer you a possibility to purchase high quality products to special prices. Marinepool is widely regarded as one of the top sailing clothing and maritime lifestyle brands and is the leading producer of life jackets for the leisure and sport market in Europe and Australia. … Read more